Eos Isabel Yolanda

Clairvoyant Personal Coaching

Advanced Spiritual Teachings   * Modern Mystic

* Relationship and Trauma Coaching

Animal Intuitive *

*Empathic Medium
*Angel and Animal communicator
*Integrative Life Coaching
*Trauma release/Emotional integration
*Enlightenment Mentoring*Relationship Coaching

*Past life Regressionsist

Hello I'm Eos. (pronounced E as in feed, o as in toast, s as in Sam)

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic


  • Feel what you are feeling and feel what those around you are feeling which enables me to help you move through difficulty quickly
  • Help you create a better future by creating healthy habits mentally and emotionally
  • Tell you how to access the power of the present moment to transform your life


  • Detailed information from your Angels, Spirit Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, and Pets
  • Messages you are meant to receive
  •  Information about subconscious issues that may be causing problems in the present moment


  • How to work with difficult emotional issues
  • Be a clear channel for energy to accelerate healing in your body, mind, spirit
  • What your future trends look like and how to help you create the future you want
  • What type of goals your spirit is trying to accomplish in this life.  (WHY you came to EARTH!)


  • The Ascended Master Teachers for the evolution of the soul, and humanity
  • Walk Ins (those who switch souls with a living body)
  • Past Life problems affecting the present moment
  • Extraterrestrial situations
  • Anything Your Divine Team wish to share
  • The deceased and earth bound spirits


I use my strong psychic senses to give you a deeper understanding about what is going on in your life.

I have the ability to step into your skin and feel what it is like to be you. I am able to feel all the unconscious and conscious feelings that you hold and shape who you are and your life. This ability enables me and your Spirit Guides deliver the most important information on how to make positive progressive changes in your life.

Every thought you think, every conditioned mental/emotional pattern that is in your subconscious mind since the day you were born creates your reality and shapes your future. This is why "thinking positive" doesn't always work.

This is why some people experience the same relationship problems, or the same betrayals in friendships, conflicts at work and other repetitious situations over and over again.

I can help you find the root of the mental/emotional pattern that is causing the repetitious pattern. Your Spirit Guides will also provide further information on how to "get unstuck" and stay unstuck!

               I consider it an honor to help you!