Setting up a Session

******February and March are full. I am currently scheduling for April******

Due to time zone differences, the fastest way to schedule an appointment is by e-mail. E-mail me at  I will e-mail you back within 48 hours.

A majority of my sessions are 1 to 2 hours due to my weekly and monthly clairvoyant counseling/ spiritual coaching practice, but I am also available for shorter sessions if needed.

Session Fee:


1hour 30min=$335


When can I have an in person session or phone session?

I work Friday through Tuesday

Here are the session times to choose from:

9AM MST /  10AM Central / 11AM Eastern

10AM MST / 11AM Central /  Noon Eastern

2PM MST / 3PM Central / 4PM Eastern

3PM MST / 4PM Central / 5PM Eastern

4PM AZ time / 5PM Central / 6PM Eastern

UK/Europe/Asia/India/Australia---11AM or 5PM onward.

You will be visiting me in my home office in person. For a phone session, I will call you at the appointed time.

How do I schedule an in person/phone session?

The fastest way to schedule an appointment is by e-mail. E-mail me at  I will e-mail you back within an hour or within 48 hours.

E-mail me, or call me and let me know:

(1) how you originally heard about me and my work
(2) briefly, why you would like an appointment
(3) include your first and second choice preference of appointment time.

Cash is preferred in person. Visa/Master Card are preferred for phone sessions, and will be processed after the session. I use my own credit card processor.  I will take that information when we speak on the phone. Check/money order are also accepted if received before session date.

I do not record the sessions. You can record the session on your end if you like. Psychic energy interference happens often, so take a few notes as well in case the recording doesn't come out! This is why I gave up trying to record on my own end.


For appointments E-mail:

Phone: 928-862-0523