When I incarnated into this lifetime, I was born with psychic awareness. I have conscious memory of my previous lifetime, the Spirit world, and picking the family to be born to. I was able to describe to my parents specific details about the house they lived in years before I was born, and those details were confirmed. 

I remember being born, and experiences that happened after being born. At 6 months old, I spent time out of body, watching over my infant self and exploring the home I lived in, as well as playing with entities of Light that I call Angels that were also watching over my infant body. As I grew older, I continued to play with the many beings of light that were around me. When I reached the age of 7, my parents and siblings were hoping that I would stop talking to my “imaginary” friends, in fear that I might be crazy! I eventually figured out that I could just speak to these beings in my mind instead of out loud.

My parents brought me up with a strong Latino Catholic faith. I enjoyed this very much because the Latino Catholic faith talked about our Guardian Angels and how much they help us with our daily lives. I was exposed to all varieties of Catholic faiths from many indigenous cultures of Central and South America, as well as the Philippines. This gave me a unique perspective.

I felt a strong connection to the lives of the Saints. I prayed the rosary daily and loved going to the church. I enjoyed Sunday school, because a French nun taught us how to meditate on the energy of Divine Love. I basically took the teachings I loved from Catholicism and ignored the ones I didn’t like. Church was fun because I could see the Angels and their lights all around the people. I also had a passion for singing the hymns.

At age 3 onward, I began to experience a variety of paranormal experiences. I had many deceased visitors in my room at night, so I was in constant fear. I didn't understand why they were there, and they would knock on the walls which kept me from sleeping. Some visitors seemed very sweet and innocent, and others felt menacing. I lived in terror each night, because sometimes doors would slam and chairs would move. I could hear footsteps racing around the house.

I turned to prayer and meditation, which enabled me to learn from inner guidance, and beautiful beings that were made of light that exist in the spirit realms. They became my mentors. They acted as loving mothers and fathers to me. I spent a lot of time praying to Mother Mary, and communing with her.

I began to have many visions of my many past lifetimes. I also experienced specific details in dreams. The past life experiences continue to show up in dreams or in visions.

When I was 11 years old, I read Stephen La Berge's book on Lucid Dreaming. Lucid Dreaming ended up causing me to astral travel easily whether awake or asleep, even though that isn't what the book is about. I learned how to leave my body at night and come back to it in the morning. I also discovered forms of meditation, tarot cards, crystals, and precognition by reading an Encyclopedia on psychic phenomenon . I spent hours looking into my own future by projecting it onto a mirror in my bedroom. I saw my life several years ahead, as well as past lifetimes. Past life memory became extremely conscious for me to the point of it all running together, like past, present, and future was happening simultaneously. I began to have visions of the year 2012 that occurred for three months. Those visions were very interesting.

These visions had to do with Earth changes, a binary solar system which causes a total magnetic pole shift that slowly creates climate change. There was also a new structure of civilization due to economic failure. (These things might still occur but may happen gradually many years after the year 2012. The collective future isn't exactly set in stone, it is always shifting and changing and could very well play out over decades.)

I shared these experiences with friends and teachers in school, and the result was that all friends and teachers were afraid of me. I didn't know I was speaking about people's private lives, but I would pick up information about children, parents, and teachers and blurt out extremely private information. I didn't understand what was making me "different." No one ever told me why they didn't like me, other than that I am somehow "evil".

As a result of this, I turned to drugs and alcohol in my teen years to "numb" what was considered "evil" in me. I lived in the city, so drugs were so prevalent in the high schools due to Texas being a border state.
 I made friends with kids outside of my school so they didn't know I was "evil." Even with drug use, my abilities were still strong and I found myself counseling many addicted drug using teens. I would push them to feel all the buried emotions from physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. I never knew why I felt the desire for them to feel their feelings, but I figured since I could feel and see their emotional trauma, they should talk about it! It became a passion to help them feel whole again. As a result of this, I got into learning psychology by researching at the library.I spent a majority of the time researching at the library as a teen. I was obsessed with all branches of philosophy to the point of my school teachers labeling me a child prodigy.

I moved from Texas to Arizona in 1997. I figured if I moved away, I could get away from city life drug culture and start life over again. I was hoping to go to college and do something artistic for a living. I had no idea that Arizona had a special kind of energy to it. The beauty of northern Arizona accelerated a spiritual awakening within me. I could feel spirits in the forests of Native American people. I could feel energy of beings from other planets and I didn't believe in such a thing. I was in awe of all these deceased Native American people guarding the land and calling it sacred. They told me to respect the land, and the beings that live in the mountains. I found myself talking to the animals and they would talk back. I spent a majority of time in the forest, and felt completely content. It never occurred to me to feel lonely, as I never felt I was alone!

I spent several hours in prayer, meditation, and contemplation.

I felt like I was crazy due to all the extra sensory experiences. Over time I began to feel suicidal since I never found anyone to understand me. I felt one with all of life, and no one understood that. People kept telling me we are not all One and there isn't Love in absolutely everything. I couldn't tell the difference from myself, a person, or a tree. More vivid past life memories coming to the surface. I spent a lot of time in the forest asking God and the Angels for the truth about life, the truth about everything. I told them to send me teachers that would devote their time to working with me on a daily basis. I was hoping for physical teachers but got invisible ones instead!

The teachers did appear. Mostly they were in my inner eye, or sometimes they would materialize like a physical human. They had no names, and were made of light, but I could hear them with an inner ear even though it wasn't necessarily a voice. Perhaps it was a resonance or a light language. I decided to call them the Brotherhood. They explained to me through that silent intuition that they are a group of men and women who have mastered life on Earth life. Mother Mary, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mahavatar Babaji and many others are apart of this Brotherhood. They told me that they are also known as the Ascended Masters in New Age culture. They also said that Saints from all cultures and religions are part of this Brotherhood. Basically, their plane of existence is a plane to inspire people to merge with infinite God, Source.

These spirit teachers changed my entire life. They taught me how every thought and feeling I have is creating my future. They taught me how to feel my feelings and change the mental/emotional thought patterns that I have been carrying from this life and past lives.

They also taught me about the power of the present moment, and that is how we connect with our true self. Our inner self is total oneness with all life, with Source ( Infinite God). I was told it was important to stay connected to this true self. Otherwise, we end up connected to our false self, which is known as the ego. When we are connected to the ego, we get lost in compulsive negative thoughts and emotions. Then we lose our connection to ourselves, and Source. Whatever you are attached to that keeps you from feeling peace was considered ego. It is more like allowing life to flow, and detach from all forms, but in a balanced way. For what you resist will persist, and what you accept allows the life to take care of you.

I was taught that ultimately, we transcend the Brotherhood and our inner self merges with God or Source, that everything you need to know is already within you, and all the Brotherhood is there for, is to help you get there. They told me one day I won't need them, and others won't need them, for we are ultimately all one consciousness beyond name and form.So it is more like they are spirit helpers to help us, along with us learning how to tap into our own inner guidance system.

In 1997, they told me not to go to college. They said I was here to use my psychic abilities to help humanity. I was so very depressed when I heard this, becuase I just wanted to be a "normal" girl going to school.

So from that point forward I was very much invested in improving myself and my life so I listened to what they had to say, even though I was very young and often didn't understand how valuable the information truly was. They told me to borrow their faith until I have faith of my own in the teachings. That worked! 

They told me to not read any books on the material they were teaching me because they wanted my connection with them to be truly authentic. I was told books would confuse me, and cloud my mind. I was depressed by this, because my greatest passion was to absorb books! 

After a few years of their counsel on my own life, the Brotherhood told me it was time to use my ability to help others. They said, "In the manner you hear us, you can also hear people's Guides as well. You can help them with their lives in the manner we help you with yours."

I asked, "How would I do that?" And they said, "By being known as a psychic medium in Sedona"

I didn't know what a psychic medium was. The only image of a psychic I had in my mind was the witch doctor people in Texas that would tell you your future and then make you pay for curse removal or do black/white magic spells to make your lover go away or come back to you!

I resisted the calling to make myself available in that way, but it took on a life of its own. People started coming to me, and it just never stopped.

So from that day forward, I started my professional practice in the year 2001. I consider it an honor to be of service in this way. I was so young (21) but clients kept coming through word of mouth, and the practice kept building. I started to grow into the teachings the Brotherhood gave me, and my own inner intuition also grew stronger. In the end, we are the answer, we are the ones we have been waiting for, but it really is nice to receive help from all the physical and spiritual realms. I consider it an honor to be a conduit for Divine Guidance!