What takes place in a session 

This is a general outline for a first time session and introduction, but all sessions are tailored to what you want to focus on.

They can be about one topic only, or many topics depending on what is needed. They can be ongoing weekly, monthly, or whatever makes sense to you. They can be one hour only or maybe even two. This work is meant to suit your needs.

Trauma coaching and counseling is meant to not replace other therapies, but be a compliment and a support. The idea here is to make sure you have a complete picture of how to create wholeness from within.

If you are just wanting to do a session that is about a variety of things which is typically called a Clairvoyant Counseling session, it may typically go like this: 

I usually start a session out with asking your Source or your Guardian Angel if they have anything to share with you. Then after that we will answer all the questions you have to ask. Since I am a conduit for Divine Guidance, my human mind is utilized so I will ask you questions sometimes so that it triggers a response. So think of it like playing ball with each other. We both naturally become receivers or Divine Guidance. I tend to be laughing the whole way, maybe even crying. Letting life to flow through like this enables a powerful healing. The session will take a life of its own. The more we get good at asking specific questions, the better so we get all the information we need. If you are super intuitive, then we will have LOTS of fun! All the information will be in the air and we will laugh about it together! 
This is how it all begins when you are new to the work. Every experience will be unique and different, and I won't retain what is shared.

A session can cover many diverse areas. You can ask anything and everything. There truly isn't a limit. But of course, life is meant to be a surprise so Spirit may not reveal EVERYTHING, just what would really help you in the present moment!

Spirit may direct me to do a little energy healing work on you to help you relax or feel clear headed, while simultaneously answering any of the questions you have to ask. Information about why you are here on Earth, along with talking to your pets, deceased loved ones, and addressing love life, career, and even past life situations all in one sitting.

Understanding Accuracy on Future Predictions

Sometimes a lot of future visions come up in a session.

I actually happen to be very accurate with future predictions. However, please understand that the future is not set in stone. There are some things we actually did set up for ourselves in this life, but there are tons of things that just end up happening when we get here! The amazing beauty of life is that there is Divine Intervention, as well as some things we are just meant to experience no matter what.

The Angels don't wear watches. They are in a realm that is completely removed from "time". Interpreting time for them and for me can get tricky.

I can see an outcome being a certain way but the people involved do have the free will to do a 180 at the very last minute.

All that Divine Guidance can do is offer you the strongest possibility of an outcome, and give you a road map on how to stay on track to get what will create BALANCE in your life so life is JOYFUL, the way GOD intended it to be. 

You have a very powerful influence on your future. All of your thoughts and feelings have created this moment, and will continue to create future moments.  

So this is where you get to co-create with God. After hearing about what your future will look like, ask help from the Universe on how to make that future more solid.

I can provide insight and awareness of what types of thoughts and feelings are creating your reality, and give you the tools to consciously create a more peaceful reality for yourself.

How to get the most out of a session

Here are a couple of questions to ask that will help you get more out of a session:

Who are my Spirit Guides? How can I get to know them better?

Usually your Angels and Spirit Guides will choose names to be identified by in a session. They actually don't go by human language names, but will choose a name so you become more aquainted with them. If you don't remember the name they went by when we were talking to them, just choose your favorite name and name them yourself! They actually prefer that we do this because they really want to form a relationship with you, so they can better assist you with your life!

Is there anything unconscious within my being that is keeping me from enjoying my life?

Our subconscious mind is greatly impacted by any thoughts, feelings, or challenging events that happen to us under the age of 10. Some of this is conscious to the individual but there are many old beliefs and thoughts that are lodged subconsciously that keep you from enjoying your life. Sometimes you can find yourself doing and thinking the "right" things but nothing seems to be changing.

Another example of this is feeling anxious but you aren't thinking anything consciously to cause the anxiety. Sometimes people with insomnia have subconscious issues that they have no clue about. So some health conditions aren't just caused by nutrition or weakness in the body.

Every thought you think and feel creates your present reality and future. The unconsious ones are really important as they are the main key to creating a more peaceful reality. Once these unconscious issues are made conscious, they no longer have a grip on making your life as difficult.

This is why it is suggested to ask this question in a session! This is a way to start taking control of your life by asking the Guides in a session to make the unconscious consicous within you so your awareness can transmute years of unecessary difficulty.

If you are in person and would like to go deeper with transmuting old thoughts and beliefs lodged in the subconscious mind, take a look at my Integrative Emotional Healing section.