Trauma Coaching

I have been through a variety of experiences involving mental, emotional, and physical abuse. I have suffered PTSD, agoraphobia, panic and anxiety disorders. I have suffered physical, mental, and emotional addictions. I know what this is all like. I also had no choice but to rely on Master Teachers in spirit to help me overcome these situations. They taught me how to harness the power of being in this present moment time without thoughts of past or future. That power transmutes all pain and suffering. I went to absolutely miserable to absolutely at peace. I never thought I would get to this beautiful place, but I did and life is meant to be this way!!!

I now how it all feels, and I am not afraid of diving into it with you. I have worked with the worst possible situation you can imagine, and helped many recover. I have worked with murder, suicide, all forms of abuse, and even satanic/psychic abuse. My biggest honor was helping people in prison find their heart. It was so buried in trauma.

Love will prevail.

I can help you through move though these things, as I can feel and see the root of it all. It is nothing but a great pleasure and joy to help your spirit shine though the darkness, and transmute much of this suffering. My work with this coupled with you doing the homework to create wellness within your body, mind, and spirit is a great success.

My trauma coaching practice is what takes up a lot of my schedule, and I never gathered testimonials for it. I will at some point! In the meantime, if you wonder why I am scheduled out three months, this is why.

And while you are waiting for a session, I suggest you read:

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life-- Byron Katie
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Therein lies the way out of suffering. It takes practice and consistency. My job is to make sure you can grasp these teachings, and help you feel your feelings fully so they can transmute back into love.