"One of the best and most honest psychics I have ever met." Jon, Chicago Il

"Thank you and the Angels so much for helping me resolve a life long issue" Lia, Thailand

"Truly one of the most authentic psychics I have ever met in Sedona!" Carrie, NM

"I am so happy to know how what my animals are thinking and feeling. It makes so much sense now, thank you so much!" Lara, NY

"Thank you so much for the channeled healing, the pain in my hip is now gone! Clara, UK"

"Your words were like a triggering even in letting me see my path clearly." Jane, AZ

"I am grateful that I now know who my Angels are and how I can talk with them, thanks so much!" Donna, AK

"She hit the nail on the head, it couldn't of been more perfect!" Mark, CA

"One of the most unique readings I have had in a long time. I have been to many psychics and this one is very real and very gifted!" Karl, NY

"I have had readings with others but nothing compares to the reading I just had. She dealt with specifics that couldn't of been lucky guesses! She told me many facts about the people in my life. I haven't experienced anything like it!" Lorraine, KS

"You must see Eos if you go to Sedona, her accuracy will amaze you!" Sarah, FL

"She if fast, accurate and to the point!" Jo, AZ

" Eos-Yolanda's intutitve work has helped me let go of so many issues that I never knew I had. I was able to deal with them on a level I wouldn't have been able to without her help." Diana, CA

"Hi Eos, I just wanted to let you know that I still review the tape of our session and I am continuously amazed at your accuracy! You truly have a gift!" Carrie, KY

"This woman is a real psychic. She knew things about my husband that only I knew. She is very quick with information." Margaret, NM

"I have been to Sedona over the years and Yolanda is one of the most fun,and down to Earth psychics to visit. Very fast with information and very honest!" Pete, TX

"You never fail to amaze me, Eos. All the other psychics said no and you said yes. And in the end, it was a yes! How did you know?" Mary, Co