Advanced Spiritual Teachings

The way out of the pain is through the pain. The way out of the ego is through the ego.

For those of you that want to understand what enlightenment is or means in layman's terms, I can absolutely help with that.

Enlightenment is truly the moment you are aware that you are the watcher of your mental, emotional thought patterns. It is a continual practice on Earth, to stay conscious and aware of the stream of thinking. The definition of enlightenment is having true comprehension of a situation.

Once you no longer mistake the thoughts in the head for your True Self, the deeper "I", you are free of all mental/emotional suffering. It sure sounds easy, right? It is so easy, it is hard for most of us!

I spent my entire life harnessing the power of being in the present moment without any thoughts of past or future, and I am so comfortable dropping into any uncomfortable feeling that I feel. I used to be the opposite, but now I find it very easy to stay present no matter what is going on. We are human, so it is a continual practice. I enjoy diving deep into the worst possible trauma with a client. It's fun!

What you can feel, you can heal. Feelings are the key to accessing a greater dimension of consciousness.

I work with many people in a variety of ways, and the continual teachings from the Masters is about learning how to be rooted in the moment as much as possible. The mind can't understand this, but the inner feelings of the physical body can.

The sessions I offer in this manner are tailored to whatever the Masters wish for you to work with, as well as a variety of  ways to stay in this moment long enough for pain and suffering caused by mental and emotional patterns to transmute.

All my work is here to help the evolution of consciousness, so this is just one of the facets of working with our Divine Team.