Angel Readings/Healings

I have been communication with Angels since 3 years of age. The Angels are race of beings created by God to individually guide us through our life even though most of us are not aware they are there.

After testing their guidance in my own life for many years, I decided to start communicating with people's own personal Guardians. These spiritual helpers give information for all areas of your life. I believe there is free will and the angels will guide us to our best future, but ultimately we are the ones that choose our future.

                     Angel Reading/Healing Testimonials

"I am so happy to understand how my Angels have helped me in my life in the past and understand why my life lessons are in this life! All of the information Eos channeled resonated with me and made perfect sense!" Lasha M. Bastrop, TX

"I could feel the presence of the Angels through Eos as we talked. I felt like I received a healing! It was so comforting to understand their role in my life and get clear loving guidance about my life situation. I felt uplifted and at peace for days!" Johnna G. Atlanta, GA