Meet Amy Gerber! As a clinical Hypnotherapist and Interfaith Minister, Amy and her team offer a range of workshops, individual programs, and intimate weddings from her peaceful retreat, Laughing Waters Ranch in Sedona.

This website has a learning center about the Mayan Calendar, list of classes, products, and all kinds of articles.  All forms of gathered information on Mayan Prophecy, New World Order, Earth Changes, Health,etc.

This website reports every single Earth Change going on, plus more. Its worth subscribing to, you can't read the articles for free but if the headlines grab you, pay the $35 for 6 months and read on!

If you happen to be in the Oregon area or would like to speak to a budding psychic Angel reader, contact Shireen! She is an Angel Reader and Energy Healer.

Check out Bonnie Flores if you are in the Minneapolis area. She is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Success Coach, and an Intuitive Channeler. She is pure light indeed!

Key Counseling helps couples unlock the potential of their relationships. If you and your significant other are experiencing difficulties, contact Key Counseling for direction and understanding. Key Counseling is cutting edge and provides a unique insight into relationships. 90 minute Seminars/Workshops are held in Tucson and Sedona.

Meet Liz Alpert. She creates orb jewelry, which is jewelry charged from water that came from an Atlantean crystal sphere. Very powerful energy! She is also and Reconnection practitioner, and energy healer in Sedona.