Books for Inspiration

The first few books are mentioned here because they involve channelings from the Brotherhood(Ascended Masters), which are my personal Spirit Guides I have received all my counsel and teachings from. These were the books they eventually lead me to for confirmation of what they were teaching me.

 The Godmind Connection by Jean Foster

This book is the first in a trilogy.

In this book, Jean explains her story about how she started communicating with beings who call themselves the Brotherhood of God. Jean was looking for some kind of teacher in spirit to help her grow and these are the teachers started communicating with her.

The Brotherhood of God are Ascended beings who have mastered Earth life and serve as spiritual guides to help us master life as they have.

I was led to this book after I got in touch with the Brotherhood on my own, and it was a major confirmation for me as I naturally wondered if I am just nuts and making it all up when I first started receiving communication.

Very powerful and mind expanding read. If you are pondering making contact with the Ascended Masters, are okay with the word God, once practiced a religion or wishing to move beyond religion, you will appreciate this book.

These books by Sanaya Roman:

Creating Money
Personal Power through Awareness
Spiritual Growth
Living with Joy
Soul Love

All of these are 100% truth in its most simple form given from Ascended beings who have mastered life on other planets.  Their information applies to our planet as well!

 Messages to Our Family by Annie Kirkwood

This book is absolutely special and very truthful. The content and its lessons are similar to the Course of Miracles but 100% easier to understand and read. To this day I still reference to this book for inspiration and spiritual sustenance. It contains messages from the Brotherhood (Ascended Masters) that are truly special, informational, and helpful.

If you are okay with the word God, once practiced a religion or wishing to move beyond religion, you will appreciate this book as well.

Books that are a very interesting read:

Michael Newton

  • Journey of Souls
  • Destiny of Souls

Francisco C Xavier

  • Nosso Lar
  • The Messengers

Jose Stevens

  • Transforming Your Dragons
  • The Michael Handbook

Don Miguel Ruiz

  • The Four Agreements
  • The Mastery of Love

Echo Bodine

  • The Gift
  • Relax, its just a Ghost!