Psychic Development class 

This class is tailored to your specific needs. I will tune into your Spirit Guides/Angels for information as to how this class will be taught. Each class is unique because each person is unique!

The topics we can cover are how to put to use the following psychic senses:

Clairaudiance (hearing Angels and Spirit Guides, telepathy and the like)

Clairvoyance (seeing visions, deceased loved ones, precognative dreaming etc)

Clairsentience (feeling many forms of psychic information: ex. another person's pain physical or emotional)

Claircognizance (Knowing information that doesn't necessarily form into words)

How to hear your Angels and Spirit Guides
and use their advice in your daily life.

The class is taught by phone or in person and is broken into two three hour evenings, or two four and a half hour days. 

The first evening is comprised of mainly teachings and the second evening is focused on practice with hearing the Angels and using the senses. But this is subject to change due to the instruction of your Guides since most of it is channeled.

This class also includes one month of e-mail/confirmation support after the class. You will use the e-mail support for confirming what you sense or hear from your Angels, and tips or pointers about what you are hearing and practice on making it clearer!

The compensation for this one on one class is $1250.

For more information, please contact me or e-mail me.