Channeled Energy Healings

Energy Healings can be done by phone via distance healing or in person.

An Energy Healing is a form of healing energy channeled from Creator, Spirit Guides, and Angels. I am basically a conduit for that energy straight into you and your pets.

Yes pets benefit from an energy healing, even if the healing is for you and they just happen to be in your lap!

In an Energy Healing session, the following will take place:

  • The energy of stress is gently removed from the body

  • The aura gets cleansed, the charkas are balanced and an overall sense of well being occurs.

  • The mental and emotional outlook on life is elevated to a sensation of peacefulness and wellbeing

  • Stuck emotions from your own self and others can be loosened up for releasing.

  • The length of mending time of an illness or injury can be shortened miraculously at times.

  • Ailments are diagnosed and psychic advice is given on what to do for the body and its condition. Your guides may tell me what kind of herb you should take to help a condition or what vitamins/minerals you are lacking in.
  • Blocks from past life problems can be addressed and removed

(This would also be a good time to ask the Guides how well your current supplements are helping the body as well!)

I have worked on people and their terminal diseases disappear. (this isn’t guaranteed of course) I can’t pin point what makes that happen with one person and not another but I am sure it has to do with lessons you as a spirit chose to learn on Earth. Illness has a way of making us focus on things that matter in life, thus strengthening a part of ourselves that was once weak. Once we learn the lesson, that illness may finally release.

Very old mental/emotional thought patterns have a way of manifesting illness in the body and you will learn what those patterns are and what to do about them. The energy healing will raise your vibration for a couple of weeks which will enable you to get a boost on changing those mental/emotional patterns causing illness in the body.

What else takes place in a channeled energy healing?

Energy attachments are removed. For instance:

  • The ex-lover who still drains you even though they aren’t around!
  • A deceased person who likes being around you but drains your energy
  • Negative thought forms that don't belong to you but you accidentally picked up from a friend's house, work, a depressed family member or public place. (the feeling of being angry and not knowing why)

  • Old traumatic memories will be energetically broken down to something you can actually deal with.

Energy healing has many unique benefits for each person. All healing sessions are extremely unique!

All it takes is to have the intention of releasing all that no longer serves you and the willingness to resolve the things that are not released right away because there is a lesson in it for you!